Genetron Systems Inc. is an ecological engineering firm creating self-sustaining indoor and outdoor ecosystems that significantly improve the overall wellness and aesthetics of building environments. Wolfgang Amelung is the father of so called "Green/Living walls" that are now being built in many different countries by many different companies. Our product is called "Wolfgang Amelung Rainforest Canopy Wall Ecosystems" to distinguish ourselves from all other products on the market, none of which that follow the successful formula that has been revealed to us. Genetron has been consistently building more representative installations since 1985.

Indoors, Wolfgang Amelung's Rainforest Ecosystems create beautiful, tropical biomes ("life zones”) in your home or office and work to counteract Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and Sick Building Syndrome. Outdoor expressions of Wolfgang Amelung Ecosystems inject life and a healthy balance back into gardening and other expressions by giving them “an ecosystem as a heart.”


Our philosophy is based on mutual symbiosis in the relationship between humans and nature. 


With our ecosystems, we are striving “to create indoors what nature does best outdoors – purifying and regenerating the living environment”