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Indoor Contemporary Projects


Welland Retirement Home

Year Completed: 2014

Location: Fitch Street, Welland, Ontario

Niagara Regional Housing requested that we build a "Wolfgang Amelung Rainforest Ecosystem Wall" at a Retirement home at Welland. read more




Gladstone Hotel

Year Completed: 2012

Location: 1214 Queen Street, Toronto, Ontario

Gladstone Hotel's requested that we build a Wolfgang Amelung Rainforest Ecosystem wall towards their stairs so people can watch something as they walk more




Twain Enterprise Ecosystems

Year Completed: 2012

Location: 203 Church Street, Suite 300, Toronto, Ontario

Twain Enterprises is a jewelery store. This unit was made to work in the corner of the main lobby where they present all their jewelery. The client's objective was to increase breathing space and reduce headaches that the employees claim to be more





Markham District High School - Front Foyer

Year Completed: 2012

Location: 89 Church Street, Markham, Ontario

A beautiful ecosystem made similar to what was made at Twain Enterprise. Open the doors to the school and you see a huge wall with this ecosystem built in the more







Year Completed: 2009

Location: 51 King Street, Barrie, Ontario

One of the largest areas with the most umbilicals, its highly recommended that you give this place a visit simply because everywhere you walk there is always a source of good energy following you, which is directly given by the more